Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAW?

Pet Adopt World is created, as an off shoot of the Powerpets site, to raise funds for animal shelters and animal rescues while providing fun with virtual pets for participants. This site is supported through advertisements. If you are using an ad-blocker, you are taking away funds from animals by increasing our bandwidth cost while generating no contributions.

I just got here. Now what?

Well.... Clicky Here

Can I suggest a shelter to support?

No, currently shelter requests are being reviewed from the Powerpets Power Rescue Page.

How many pets can I create?

At this time you can have up to 50 pets. This number will be increased as we make more different species of pets available.

Are PAW pets separate from my pets on

Yes, PAW pets are completely separate from pets created on Powerpets

I created a pet, now what?

Purchase a few items at the clickshop.
Click My Pets at the top.
Click on your pet.
Select the shelter or rescue organization you want to support.
Click on the CAMERA icon.
Add the items you purchased to your pet's environment by clicking on them at the bottom.
You may need to refresh the page at this point for all the items to load up in your Camera.
Click the Blue Button on the camera AFTER YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!
Following the Instructions on the camera page, set up your pet environment.
Click on SAVE

My pet is set up. What is next?

Next you should promote your pet and get as many of your friends and family to click on it every day. When they do, you will get points and PAW will earn money from ads to donate to shelters.

How do I promote my pet?

Click MY PETS at the top.
Click on your pet.
In the box below your pet, you will find codes and links to post your pet's clicklink on other forums and social sites.

How do I get clickpoints?

There are several ways Clickpoints can be gathered.

  • When you create your first pet you will receive 2500 clickpoints.
  • Each pet created after that will earn you 1000 click points.
  • Playing with another pet will earn you 2 clickpoints. (make sure you are logged in!)
  • Each time another person plays with your pet you will receive 10 clickpoints.
  • If a new person signs up for PAW and they arrived here through your Pet Link first, you receive 200 Clickpoints.

What are treats?

Treats are points you earn and use to redeem in the Treat Shop. They can be earned several ways.

  • Clickplay with a pet (1 point)
  • Refer a new player to the site (50 points)

What is Normal, Silver, Gold and Diamond status?

You can have 3 pets at normal status, 3 at Silver, 4 at Gold, and 40 at Diamond. Meaning if you have 3 pets and wish to get a 4th, you will need to update one pet from Normal to Silver status.

How do I get people to click my pet?

You can advertise anywhere that allows URL, HTML, or bbcode links. Facebook, Twitter, your own websites and blogs are all good places to advertise your pet! You can copy your pet's link into your signature on different forums or send out an email to family and friends asking them to click each day!

How do I configure my pet's background?

When you click on the Camera on your pet's page there will be instructions on how to move items around in your background. Items and backgrounds must be purchased from the clickshop. If you have an issue with your background covering your pet or items, try reloading the page.

How does the site earn money to support the shelters?

The site earns money through the ads you see around the site. So if you are using an ad blocker you are taking away funds from animals by increasing our bandwidth cost while generating no contributions.

What is the Clickshop?

The clickshop is a store where you can purchase items to decorate your pet's environment.

What is the Treat Shop?

The Treat Shop is a store where you can purchase items for your Human Avatar, upgrades for your user profile and other perks unrelated to pet environments.

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