How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up?
Any registered non-profit or charity animal shelter or rescue can participate in the PAW Project.

How much does it cost to sign up?
Nothing. It is completely free to sign up to PAW.

My application was accepted. Now what do I do?
Let your supporters know about PAW and ask them to support you. You can do this through your website, newsletter, flyers, even in your shelter!

How does my rescue or shelter earn cash?
Your shelter will earn a percentage of the total advertising revenue earned on the clickpages. The percentage is based on the number of clicks your supporter's virtual pets receive during the course of a month.
Your shelter can also win the Monthly Reward Cash Jackpot if your supporters accumulate the highest amount of game points during the month, your organization will receive this reward.

How much does it cost the player, supporters I refer?
PetAdoptWorld is completely free to sign up and enjoy for players. While there is an option to purchase tokens for those who wish to advance a little more quick, these tokens can be easily obtained through free game play.

PetAdoptWorld is pretty new. Can I trust this?
Even though PAW was only created in 2011, our main site,, has been in business since 2002. We are a small family business and have supported many animal hospitals, shelters and rescues, even schools and children's hospitals over the years.

Are there limitations on payments?
Should your supporters not be active enough to raise $25 worth of funds during a month, funds will be carried over to the next month and paid out when the total reaches over $25.

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